2017 Miyano GN3200-2F2


Stock Number0246-AR
ControlFanuc 0i-TD
Max turning diameter [mm]45
Max turning length [mm]50
Chuck diameter [mm]152,4
Spindle motor [kW]2.2 / 1.5
Spindle speed [rpm]8.000
Revolver 1 - axisX/Z
Revolver 1 - number of stations5 + X
Floor space approx. [mm]1,460 x 700
Weight of the machine ca. [kg]1.500


(new price: 140,000)

High efficiency through space savings

The incorporation of a high-speed gantry loader with a loading

time of 3.5 seconds and a wide choice of infeed and outfeed

devices allows stand-alone automation or integration with other


High-precision positioning

and exceptional accuracy

A combination of a single slide construction, achieved using

slides with excellent damping characteristics and a lubricating

oil discharge control has increased follow-up performance for

very small axis movement and has brought lost motion as

close to zero as possible. Built-in spindles with forced cooling

and built-in sensors give smooth rotation with low vibration

thanks to beltless drive. This construction ensures outstanding

accuracy and repeatability