2013 Traub TNL 32-7


Stock Number0194 - CO
ModelTNL 32-7
Country of originGermany
Operating hours55.000 | 36.000
Max bar dia. [mm]32
Spindle speed [rpm]8.000
Spindle stock stroke [mm]305
Weight of the machine ca. [kg]7.000
Auto bar loaderFMB LSK38-3200


CNC swiss type lathe Traub TNL 32-7

  • Model TNL32/TNL32K
  • Controller TX8i-s
  • Main spindle max. diameter 32 mm, with C-axis
  • Counter spindle including parts discharge
  • Top revolver X/Y/Z/H-axis: 10 tools dual drive
  • Bottom revolver X/Y/Z/H-axis: 9 tools same drive; counter spindle independent drive
  • Conveyor belt for finished parts with gripper
  • Coolant pump 3 bar
  • Coolant pump 8 bar
  • Swarf conveyor, hinged belt type H=1000 mm
  • Linear encoder X-axis for revolver top/bottom
  • Fabric filtration for coolant: grade of filtration ca. 30-40 µm
  • High pressure coolant pump 20 bar
  • CO2 fire fight system Kraft & Bauer
  • Auto bar loader FMB LSK 38, max. bar length 3,2 m

Machine worked only with cutting oil